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When several big city newspapers announced they would cease daily publication in favor of a three-day a week model it seemed the nail had finally been put in the print advertising coffin. Newspapers and magazines, formerly highly profitable advertising mediums, were losing share as an avenue worth investing marketing dollars. However the reports of print advertising’s death are slightly exaggerated.  Digital’s lower cost and wider reach may seem to have affected print advertising, but there are still segments where it remains viable and influential. This is primarily true in the local markets.  A Pew report found that 72% of Americans …

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Social Media Is Like A Holiday Party

posted on December 7, 2016 / IN Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Social media and holiday parties have quite a few things in common.  Both provide opportunities to connect with prospects or company outside the traditional setting.  Both are great ways to build relationships.  And both can make for some memorable (and embarrassing) situations if not handled with care (or with a little too much spiked egg nog).  Use these party tips as a guide for your next social media ad campaign. Facebook is like the holiday party with friends. These are people you know and that “like” you. Feel free to be more loose and informal here.  Show customers another side …

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Give Thanks for Added-Value

posted on November 23, 2016 / IN Media Buying / Media Planning / 0 Comments

‘Tis the season for a bit of bargain shopping.  Who doesn’t love getting a little something extra when they make a purchase?  Media buyers are no different.  When negotiating placements and rates for customers, it is also our responsibility to maximize the client’s budget.  In media planning, we call this providing Added Value, or Value Add.  One of the benefits of employing a professional media buyer is that we can often leverage our relationships with vendors and the sheer volume of advertising we purchase for bonuses that benefit our clients.  These often come in the form of free or heavily …

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Hashtags for Dummies

posted on October 5, 2016 / IN Advertising / Social Media / 0 Comments

Hashtags are ubiquitous in social media.  If you frequent social networks you’ve likely seen or used one in your Tweets, Instagram photos and Vine videos.  Hashtags placed on Facebook however did nothing. That’s all changed with the introduction of Facebook Hashtags.  They now have a purpose and can become a useful social media ally for marketers.  To give you some background, hashtags were first widely used on Twitter.  Adding a hashtag, aka the pound sign or tic tac toe board, in front of a term or phrase creates a clickable link. When clicked, you are taken to a stream of …

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So now that you’ve decided to add a web marketing component to your upcoming campaign, the next question is whether to consider a microsite or landing page. Theoretically, both function in a similar capacity – as an extension of your website focused primarily on one particular campaign. Both have SEO benefits. But that’s where the similarities end. We have examples of both below. First, landing pages tend to just be one page geared around a call-to-action and is referred to the page from another source, like social media or an ad. The goal of a landing page is for something immediate to happen, either for you …