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Good Marketing is like the Flu…

posted on October 18, 2017 / IN Digital Advertising / Media Planning / Media Strategy / Social Media / Uncategorized / What's New / 0 Comments

Viral Marketing

Having the flu is awful, it really is. But a good marketing campaign should, in some ways be like a flu outbreak. It should be infectious and it should be viral. It should catch your attention, slow you down, and stop you in your tracks. Most importantly good marketing, once encountered, should leave an unforgettable impression. When people begin to, pardon the pun, get sick of seeing or hearing about your product; you’ve penetrated the masses and truly gone viral. Traditionally, viral marketing brings to mind YouTube videos and there are some great stories about how advertisers were able to spread their message through a memorable video. Old Spice’s “Your Man Could Smell Like” ads are an often cited example of this. But being viral simply means that your message spread massively in a relatively short period of time. There are a lot of other ways to go viral. Email forwards are viral.  Social media retweets and “shares” are ways to virally spread a message.

So what should one do to create a viral campaign? There’s no magic bullet, but there are some traits viral campaigns share. Consider these when unleashing your viral masterpiece on the world:

  • Make Them Feel – Tell stories about your brand that invoke emotion. Tapping into fear, nostalgia, or joy gives people a connection and makes for memorable content.
  • Make Them Laugh – Humor, executed well, makes for shareable content. Start by finding the lighter side of your product, something most people can relate to, or just do something totally absurd, but relevant to your product.
  • Surprise Them – Do something unexpected to draw attention. Do the opposite of what’s expected. It intrigues people and makes them take notice.
  • Make Sharing Easy –Tell people what you want to do and how to do it.

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