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Digital Video Advertising

Be part of your audience's online viewing experience and track engagement and conversion rates with greater accuracy.

Big Impact on Small Screens

Capitol Media Solutions recommends digital video advertising to clients who want to reach niche viewing audiences at a lower cost than TV media buying. It’s a particularly effective approach for businesses that want potential customers to experience their brand in a visual, engaging media.

We can conduct digital video advertising in several ways, including:

  • In-stream video. We air your video advertisement before, between, or after content.
  • Non-linear advertisements. Your display advertising appears as content plays.
  • Companion ads. Your ad appears in text, banners, and rich media around video content.

With these opportunities, your business does not necessarily need to rely on a creative agency to produce video content to reach a viewing audience.

Our Digital Video Advertising Process

Capitol Media Solutions manages media buying for video similarly to its display advertising services. We research, plan, and purchase inventory that targets the right audience for your business, and then we deliver ads in the right formats, locations, and times.

Our media campaign analysis can evaluate your results using a variety of metrics, such as:

  • Player operations (play, pause, rewind, etc.)
  • Impressions and clickthrough.
  • Percent complete and time spent viewing.
  • Interactions with non-linear ads such as expansion and collapse.

Whatever measurement you choose, CMS will monitor and optimize your campaign on an ongoing basis to generate the best results from your spend.

Get in touch with our media buying company about digital video advertising, or learn about our SEM and mobile advertising services.