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Media Buying

Choose Capitol Media Solutions to lead your campaign, negotiate cost-effective rates, and obtain added value opportunities.

Efficient Management for Media Buying

Capitol Media Solutions can negotiate deep discounts for clients through our highly experienced and skilled media buyers, strong vendor relationships, and consistent high-volume buying history.

As your representative, we prioritize responsible stewardship. We monitor the different aspects of your campaign so that you don’t miss an opportunity and your concerns don’t go unnoticed. We also recommend changes along the way to make the media campaign even more impactful and less costly.

Conducting the Buy

Depending on recommendations from our media planning team, CMS may directly connect with media sales representatives; conduct a request for proposal on your company’s behalf; or purchase placements automatically in real-time with digital and programmatic media buying. We also handle…


Our team works to get your business the most effective buy possible, including added value promotions, lower rates, and additional impressions.


CMS can manage the entire trafficking process. We collaborate with your creative agency to deliver ad content to the right outlets.


We administer orders, confirmations, invoices, and other details, saving your business the challenge of managing these steps.

Make-Goods Made Better

Capitol Media Solutions uses both software and team processes to track media buying. In some cases, we find that broadcasters, publications, and other media outlets can’t or don’t deliver. Programming is rescheduled, technical issues occur, and estimates of traffic are sometimes off. In these cases, CMS pursues appropriate “make-goods” on your behalf.

This process was more straightforward in the past, but changes in the media landscape—from time-delayed TV viewing to multi-device content consumption—have made it more challenging to value a make-good. Capitol Media Solutions’ experience as a media agency helps ensure that you get what you pay for (or more.)

See how CMS continually optimizes your media buying with media campaign analysis, or contact us to get started.