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Digital MediaBuying

Capitol Media Solutions uses digital insights and technology to engage your audience whenever, wherever, and however it consumes content.

Our Approach to Digital Media Buying

Capitol Media Solutions integrates digital and traditional media buying campaigns to give you the advantages of both. We conduct media buying through several methods, including:

  • Direct placements, in which we negotiate rates with premium publishers and content owners.
  • Programmatic buying to target the massive online audiences that match your criteria.
  • Real-time bidding, which finds your audience online, immediately serves ad impressions, and significantly reduces costs.

Collectively, these digital media buying approaches give us access to nearly 40 billion impressions every day across every channel: display, mobile, video, search, and social. Each offers its own advantages, and CMS will make recommendations based on your company’s objectives.

With each media strategy, Capitol Media Solutions tracks the performance of campaigns and uses goal-based optimization to shift dollars to where they are most effective. We also conduct media campaign reporting and analysis to improve your spend on an ongoing basis.

Explore our digital media buying expertise, or get in touch now to discuss your campaign.