Outdoor Media Buying

Too bold to be ignored, outdoor media from Capitol Media Solutions captures your audience’s attention on the go

The opportunity in outdoor

Capitol Media Solutions has extensive experience in outdoor media buying, from billboards and wallscapes to transit and kiosks to theaters and airlines. Clients find value in outdoor because it offers:

A lower cost per impression than other mass media.

Targeted geographic reach.

A constant broadcast of your message.

High-impact, low-competition advertising.

Through our media buying services process, we will explore outdoor’s potential impact on your campaign and recommend an approach to connect you with your audience.

Digital + Outdoor Media Buying

Combine the measurability and responsiveness of digital media buying with the advantages of outdoor. New technology offers rapid changes to billboard and sign creative, provides real-time messaging, and helps you promote events more effectively.

Capitol Media Solutions can manage outdoor media buying for traditional and digital formats. We can also combine outdoor with other digital forms, such as mobile advertising, allowing your audience to interact in a new way with familiar ad formats.

Reach your audience with outdoor media