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Display Advertising Services

Connect with your audience through websites and digital publications. Our approach continually improves the performance of placements and creative.

See and Be Seen with Display Advertising Services

Capitol Media Solutions shares your message in a variety of digital formats and captures extensive analytics, which we use to optimize the campaign on an ongoing basis. As people engage with your advertising, we make that message more effective with every viewing.

Our media research and digital tools identify the top websites, devices, and content that your target audiences use. Then, we advise your creative team about which media we recommend, launch your campaign, and manage every aspect of the buy.

Buying Display Advertising

Our media agency works with clients to define the goals that make up their broader objectives. In display advertising, this might mean:

  • Increased website traffic (to grow revenue).
  • Downloading a whitepaper (to develop brand awareness).
  • Viewing a video (to promote an upcoming event).

We use direct placements, programmatic buying, and real-time bidding to place advertisements. Then, we track their performance and offer media campaign analysis to identify new opportunities.

Retargeting: A Second Chance to Make an Impression

Don’t mourn a missed connection with a potential customer. Just because someone doesn’t see your advertisement the first time it appears on a website doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance.

Capitol Media Solutions regularly employs retargeting advertisements. This approach lets you advertise on third-party sites to people who previously visited your own website or whose online behavior aligns well with your objectives, such as purchase intent. With help from CMS, you’ll find your perfect customer.

Consider adding digital video advertising to the mix, or talk with our media buying company now about our display advertising services.