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Mobile Advertising Services

Share your message across handheld devices through display advertisements, in-app opportunities, text, and more.

Your Message On The Move

Capitol Media Solutions leverages its expertise in display advertising services to reach your mobile audience. We help your business advertise on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices across mobile sites, apps, and other content.

CMS uses Google DoubleClick Bid Manager—the premier demand-side platform—as well as a host of other ad markets and software to plan and execute your campaign. Our approach considers ad preferences, bid variations, call extensions, landing pages, relevancy, and the mobile compatibility of your website, all to achieve your business objectives.

Advantages of Mobile Advertising Services

Capitol Media Solutions may recommend a mobile campaign to provide:

  • Geo-targeting. Knowing the location and behavior of your audience allows you to tailor unique and effective advertising campaigns.
  • Cost savings. Purchasing mobile impressions and clicks can be less expensive on mobile than other digital and traditional media buying.
  • A large audience. Though other areas of digital media buying can be effective, mobile usage now represents a significant portion of all activity.
  • High engagement. For the right audience, mobile advertising shares your message at the time and place that a customer is ready to take action.

Capitol Media Solutions may advise testing our mobile advertising services so that we can compare performance against print media buying, desktop display ads, and other approaches. In cases where mobile converts more effectively, we can adjust your media planning to take advantage of the opportunity.