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Search Engine Marketing Services

Be the solution your audience chooses when it searches online for answers, advice, products, or support.

Our Approach to SEM

Capitol Media Solutions’ search engine marketing services focus on two areas: paid and organic search results. We develop highly focused campaigns for the largest and most precise audiences.

Combining these approaches ensures that your business receives visibility in search results and helps you be found at every stage of the purchase cycle.

Paid Advertising

With paid advertising (commonly referred to as pay per click, or PPC), Capitol Media Solutions can buy placements based on impressions, clicks, and more. Paid advertising is particularly effective for B2C businesses, and we may also recommend it for B2B companies depending on their audiences or objectives.

As part of our search engine marketing services, we:

  • Use audience insights to identify keywords users may enter when they search online.
  • Target audiences by geography, behavior, and other criteria.
  • Produce advertisements or work with your creative agency to develop them.
  • Select landing pages based on relevancy and opportunity for conversion.
  • Automatically display different ad creative in results depending on the user’s search.
  • Evaluate performance against display advertising and other digital media.

CMS focuses extensively on optimization. Ongoing testing identifies inefficient creative or keywords so that we can choose “winners” and invest in options that yield a positive ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization can improve the visibility of your content, helping drive brand awareness, leads, and sales:

  • Capitol Media Solutions conducts media research to gain a deep understanding of your audience and objectives.
  • We use that knowledge to inform the optimization of your content.
  • As an SEO campaign becomes more effective, we may advise adjusting the mix of our search engine marketing services so that you invest more or less in paid search.

We focus on offering value to the searcher rather than tactics that “game” the system for short-term benefit and long-term risk. Relevancy drives this work. We believe that rankings and traffic are only important when they lead to real results for your business.

Learn more about our search engine marketing services by contacting our media buying company, and explore other digital tactics, like social media marketing.