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Social Media Marketing Services

Advertise to your audience when and where they are most engaged, and amplify your message to reach even more customers.

The Social Opportunity

Through its social media marketing services, Capitol Media Solutions can exactly target your audience: moving beyond demographics and markets and into behavior and interests. These networks offer billions of impressions for your brand to raise its profile, gain a following, and initiate action.

CMS advertises on a variety of networks to gain impressions, clicks, acquisitions, and more. We can also work with your business to drive social actions, such as Likes, Follows, and Connections. Developing these relationships can magnify your voice, helping you reach even more of your audience.

How We Social

Based on the strategy our media planning agency develops for your business, we may recommend including our social media marketing services in your mix. Here’s our general process:

  • Each social network offers different media buying opportunities, such as display ads and promoted content. We monitor the availability of placements.
  • CMS uses the media research it conducts for your business to determine your audience’s likely content consumption and preferred networks.
  • We deploy small campaigns on social networks, evaluate the results, and optimize the approach.
  • CMS fully pursues the impressions, clicks, or social actions available in the networks that work best. This may cross over into our mobile advertising services to reach customers where they are most active.

Is Social Right for You?

Capitol Media Solutions has helped clients achieve success with both B2C and B2B campaigns. We make recommendations to pursue a social strategy based on several questions, including:

  • Is social a preferred medium for your audience?
  • Does it fit with your objectives?
  • Is social media more cost effective for achieving your goals?
  • Does social offer a competitive advantage?

If your business is specifically interested in social, CMS can evaluate the opportunity and make a recommendation about whether it should be part of your campaign mix.

Explore our social media marketing services in more detail. Contact Capitol Media Solutions.