5 Ways to Add Value to Media Buys

Added value is that awesome, many times free, media that you have the opportunity to receive with your media buy.  Media vendors don’t always reveal these opportunities, but many of them are available if you are willing to ask and sometimes haggle a little. A good media buyer will enhance your media budget by providing added value to your campaign. But if you’re doing placing on your own, here are some inexpensive added value options to ask for:

1. Sponsorships

You’ll see this in radio and TV buys. These are the 5 to 10 second mentions right before or after the weather forecast, traffic report, or sports segments. These plugs are short, but when you consider that viewers or listeners are usually attentive during these segments, it offers an effective, yet inexpensive, bonus buy.

2. On-site promotions

Radio and TV news shows often broadcast live from locations around the city. When your company hosts a unique event or promotion, negotiate a live remote from your location as free advertising.

3. Bonus Placements

Some media vendors will negotiate additional placements when you spend a certain amount or bonus you dayparts they need to fill.

4. Cross placements

It’s become increasingly common for ad sales reps to throw in print space as a way to sweeten your digital buy or vice versa. If a media vendor offers both a print and digital product ask if they can bundle the placements for a discounted rate.

5. Speaking of Discounts

Any reason can be a good one to earn a little something extra. Do you have a significant spend? Ask for a volume discount. Is this your first media buy with them? How about a new customer discount? Are you a regular customer? Maybe it’s time for that frequent shopper discount.


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