Radio Media Buying

Capitol Media Solutions uses traditional radio advertising and digital formats to target audiences, measure outcomes, and achieve ROI like never before

Our Approach to Radio Media Buying

Radio offers both a massive audience and a complex and changing pricing system. Clients rely on Capitol Media Solutions because we help them access the former and navigate the latter. Based on your objectives and the audience we identify through our media buying services, we:

Determine formats and top stations to target in each market.

Explore native advertising in news, traffic, and weather reports (live-read or recorded.)

Recommend spot lengths for promotional, branding, and informational messages.

Establish target rating point (TRP) ranges for different types of spots.

Our media planning agency often employs different types and lengths of spots throughout a campaign for maximum effect. CMS uses its radio media buying experience, relationships, and effective negotiation to earn your business low rates while ensuring excellent coverage.

Digital Radio

With digital formats, listeners can access and tailor radio content in a variety of ways, and your business can gain new insights and access to your audience.

Our radio media buying expertise includes the full range of digital radio platforms, such as Pandora and Spotify. Through digital radio, we can:

  • Reach listeners in their cars, at their desktop, and on their mobile device.
  • Target your audience using a host of criteria for a more efficient spend.
  • Tie the engagement, impressions, and click-through to other aspects of your radio or digital media buying campaign.

Our team will analyze both traditional and digital radio to determine the opportunities they offer. With our recommendations, execution, and reporting, you will have clear insight into what’s possible through the airwaves and transparency into the outcome of your campaign.

Reach your audience with radio media