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Who’s Really Listening?

posted on October 4, 2017 / IN Advertising / Media Buying / Media Planning / Radio Advertising / 0 Comments

You can tell a lot about a person by the radio station they choose to listen to. At least that’s what us marketers count on.  Marketers and media planners base their decision on where to buy ads on data compiled by research companies like Nielsen, Kantar Media, and Scarborough. For radio, Arbitron is the go-to source. The company uses surveys and wearable portable people meters to collect listener data for local and network radio and TV audiences . This is also the information used to gather radio station ratings. Their annual reports include fascinating insights into what people listen to, info that marketers find useful when planning where to allocate spending. For example:

  • Talk radio also boasts the largest audience of people over 55 and is the number one format in weekday mornings.
  • Country music stations are the most-listened to format among most age groups and during most dayparts.
  • Adult contemporary stations have the largest female composition among radio formats.
  • Pop stations are number one with teens and adults 18-24, and is the fastest growing segment.
  • Classic Rock stations are largely popular among men 45-54 and is among the most popular in out-of-home listening.
  • Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio (Urban Pop and Hip Hop) offers the most ethnically balanced audience.
  • Sports radio listeners are the most well-educated, affluent radio audience.
  • Mexican Regional is the overwhelming format leader for Hispanic listeners and 4th most popular format for adults 25-34.
  • Contemporary Christian has widest audience appeal among most demographics (12-64)
  • Digital Radio (I.E Spotify and Pandora) have the highest numbers of teens and Millennials (18-34) listening from their smartphones and tablets

Are your radio ads reaching the right customers? If not, you may way to rethink your plan and find the station that speaks to your target.


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