Print Media Buying

When timing and targeting are essential, reach your audiences through the publications that matter most to them

Impact with Print

Even with the evolution of digital content, ink-and-paper advertising offers significant value to advertisers. The convenience, legitimacy, immediacy, and physical nature of print can make it an effective conduit for your message.

Capitol Media Solutions understands the advantages of print media buying and helps you evaluate, negotiate, and execute these promotions. We connect you to your audience through magazines, newspapers, preprints, milestone publications, and other products.

Our Approach to Print Media Buying

CMS evaluates opportunities in print media buying through extensive media research based on your strategy. We consider:

The publications that effectively engage niche audiences.

The print products that influence geographic regions and specific cities.

Which print issues will help with timely needs, such as your upcoming sale or event.

How print media supports other promotional efforts.

As part of our media buying process, we negotiate for effective pricing based on our years of experience in print. Even without a formal digital media buying campaign, our team can often earn added value impressions through online and app versions of content.

Print is timely, and accuracy and planning are essential. That’s why companies rely on Capitol Media Solutions to manage their entire process. Choose us to handle trafficking for your campaign creative, insertion orders, invoices, and payments, and focus on managing your business instead.

Reach your audience with print media