Media Planning Tips

Losing focus on what's important?  Here are a few media planning tips to help you stay on track!
  • Research shows setting specific goals increases the likelihood of making progress. Sure “increase CTR on display ads” is a great goal, but drill down and get more specific. Set a hard number for the growth percentage, ROI, conversions, sales, or whatever else you’d like to reach.
  • Even the biggest brands in the world have failed. Coca Cola is the biggest beverage company, but they had a big time failure when they tried to remake the recipe with New Coke. Needless to say Coca Cola is still standing and very profitable. The lesson is that it takes trial and error to get the right media mix; it’s ok to fail as long as you take something away from the campaign. Try out new dayparts in your TV plan or consider experimenting with spot lengths and/or different stations in your radio campaigns.
  • The nature of the advertising beast is that it’s always changing. Facebook was a social network at a college and Google was a search engine. They’re now the biggest advertising channels in the world. Both companies have tweaked their product offerings to grow them. For your brand, this may mean courting a new demographic or offering a new service.
  • But a good marketing campaign should kind of be like a flu outbreak. It should be infectious and it should be viral. It should catch your attention, slow you down, and stop you in your tracks. When people begin to, pardon the pun, get sick of seeing or hearing about your product, you’ve penetrated the masses and truly gone viral.

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