Barter Marketing

Since the beginning of time people exchanged goods and services in lieu or using money.  In fact, 65% of corporations listed on the New York Stock exchange and nearly one-third of small business use bartering for their business in some capacity.

How to Do It:  

Barter marketing or corporate trade companies can work alongside a media buying agency to find appropriate media placements and negotiate funding the placements without cash. Typically trade credits are used instead or in some cases, products or services are bartered.

Brands can also broker deals with barter firms for their unwanted inventory and apply those payments to media buys.  They are typically valued at a dollar per credit and are traded for media placements and ads equal to the cost to purchase the ad in cash.

How it Benefits Our Clients:

It allows you to build in more to your current ad budget. This offers several advantages depending on your current budget situation.

  • For example if your budget has decreased, supplementing your budget with trade credits or opting to barter marketing services (or in the case of a brand, inventory) allows you to maintain or perhaps go beyond the previous year’s ad spend despite having less money.
  • If you are working with the same budget as last year, a barter marketing situation can net you additional placements and value add without having to spend any additional money. (This kind of dollar-stretching will certainly make you a rock star in your department.)

Try bartering in 2017 and give us your feedback!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more media buying tips!

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