Beware of Scary SEO Killers Hiding In Your Website

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Sure things may look normal, but lurking inside your website may be SEO killers destroying your search ranking and SEO efforts.  One of the difficult things about battling the Google monster is that it is huge and constantly changing its algorithm.  Google makes 500-600 minor changes to their algorithm throughout the year, but only about 1 or 2 major ones per year.  The issues that negatively impact website search engine results tend to fall into one of five categories: content (ie: text from your website or blogs, choice of images, social media frequency), deception (hiding text on pages, keyword stuffing), linking (ie: low quality or inappropriate links), technical (ie: site structure and architecture), and usability (ie: page load speed, use of flash, sliding headers).

Here are five ways to be a hero and save your website from the doom of SEO killers:

  • Keep a look out: Do regular site audits to find both on and off-page SEO concerns.
  • Stay Alert: Watch for changes to the algorithm. Blogs like SEO Moz and Search Engine Watch are great sources for information on SEO updates and best practices.
  • Arm yourself: Use Google’s free Webmaster Tools to analyze your site and pinpoint those hard to see technical SEO issues.
  • If you do fall, get up and start running: If you find there is a technical or usability issue on your site, get it fixed quickly, particularly for time sensitive campaigns.
  • Get help: If budget allows, consider consulting a reputable company specializing in SEO and SEM.


Perhaps you can’t follow all of Google’s little changes, but at least be aware of them.  Until next time don’t be afraid to follow us on Twitter , like us on Facebook, or Google+.

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