For Consumers Who Convert 90% of the Time, Go Mobile

Still wondering if mobile is the right call for your brand?  These facts might be an incentive to give it a try.

  • A Google report found that 94% of smartphone users use their phones to look up information. Of those, 90% will take some kind of action. 70% will act within an hour. They will either call or visit the location, and for online businesses, it often results in a purchase being made.
  • The average person responds to an email within 90 minutes, however they respond to the average text within 90 seconds. Consider SMS for quick response campaigns.
  • And speaking of purchases, the report also found that frequent mobile users tend to spend 25%-50% more on their online purchases than those shopping online from desktops.
  • Mobile still allows you to target and segment your demographic. One easy way to do this is by your buyer’s choice of mobile device. For example, iPhone users skew older and more affluent.
  • Mobile phone owners also spend a lot of time with their phones. One-third of mobile owners time is spent playing games on their phone.
  • Even your email campaigns should be mobile friendly. 88% of mobile device owners check their email on their phones daily.

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