Dayparts Deconstructed

Who says you can’t buy time?

We media buyers certainly don’t. Buying time is a big component of our business. In media buying it’s known as dayparting. Dayparts are one way to buy radio and TV advertising and its rates are largely determined by who is tuning in and at what times in the day.  In radio, mornings have the largest audience. On television, it’s evenings. So naturally, you’ll pay more to advertise during those periods in the day but you’ll reach a larger, broader audience. However, consider the type of product you are promoting when making your buy, other dayparts may be better suited for the audience you want to reach. For years, advertisers of children’s toys and cereals sold their products on Saturday mornings during cartoons. Weekend mornings typically aren’t optimal advertising space, but in this case, it’s perfect because children are in school on weekday mornings. The popularity of DVRs have shifted the time when viewers are watching programs, but the audience remains pretty consistent.

Are you maximizing your media buys by placing in the right daypart? Read these tips to find out:

  • Radio morning drive (6-10 am) and TV primetime (8-11 pm): Both the audience and spot costs are larger here, but this also means a lower CPM and likely a higher ROI.
  • Daytime (10 am – 4:30 pm): Many adults listen to radio while working and popular syndicated talk shows, game shows, and court shows attract adults who work evenings or nights. A mix including this daypart can reach adults without busting the budget.
  • Early Fringe (4:30-7:30 pm) Family themed products work well here. The cost here is often a lot less than primetime, with a very similar audience.
  • Late night (11 pm-1 am): Least expensive and smallest audience. Consider adult-themed products or services and alcohol here.

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