Display Ads (Part II): Are They Still A Good Investment?

Digital Ad Placement, Positioning, and Size

There are still ways to increase the likelihood your display ad gets seen.  Ad size and placement can have a big impact on whether or not your ads get seen.  Experts recommend buying vertical ads online, for longer view time.  Also, for desktop advertising, ads placed lower on the page, or below-the-fold, are considerably less likely to seen.  In fact, nearly 60% aren’t seen at all. When you’re buying display ads on websites, opt for positions that are higher up on the page, but not too high.  Google has recommended ads that are placed right above the fold, not at the top of the page to get the most views.

Maximizing Your Display Ad ROI

While there’s still no sure way a marketer can prevent an ad from getting ignored by a user or to always ensure it gets completely delivered every time, marketers can still maximize the value of their digital media buying return on investment.

  • First, when negotiating your ad buys opt for a plan that will allow you to pay for ads that are viewed, not ads that are served.
  • Second, try to negotiate some value added perks to offset any loss. This is where a media buying agency, like Capitol Media Solutions, can be very helpful.
  • Finally, measure results and use that data to make future buys. Studies continue to show that marketers either aren’t measuring or not using the data they get from their campaigns. Use this data to help craft your strategy and allocate your budget to the areas where it will make the most impact.

Whether or not display advertising is a good investment remains to be seen.  Be open to experimenting with ad formats, trying out new placement ideas, and implementing some multimedia.  Marketing is about testing until you find the formula that works for your product.

Want more information on digital and display advertising?  Contact Capitol Media Solutions and let our media buying strategists customize a digital or traditional media plan to reach your company’s business goals!

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