Does Your Media Buying Company (Gasp!) Only Work in One Industry?

One of the most common questions that businesses like yours ask Capitol Media Solutions is whether we have experience in their industry. For some, it’s a defining factor in which media buying company they hire. For others, it’s one checkbox among many in their criteria.

Usually, the answer we give is “yes.” We’ve worked with clients across many different verticals: retail, education, consumer packaged goods, beauty and health, and construction among them.

However, there’s a difference between specializing in a single industry and offering cross-industry experience. We believe that the latter provides significant advantages; here are four reasons why.

1. We can jumpstart your company’s media buying.

Our broad industry focus means that we’ve likely solved the same challenges your company will face. Our media buying agency may already:

  • Have a sense of what drives sales for your organization.
  • Know about niche publications in your industry that can drive revenue for your company.
  • Understand which media are most likely to capture the attention of your consumer.

In other words, our experience helps us to define a plan of action for your business.

2. We know how to adapt to your industry.

The advantages we described in the previous section are temporary and often overstated. More important than specific industry experience (and much more important than working with a firm that specializes in a single industry), the company you choose for media buying should have a proven process.

Process translates to many businesses, industries, and audiences. It’s what creates successful strategy rather than a haphazard guess at what will achieve your goals. In our case, this means:

  • Determining your objectives with the media buying campaign.
  • Establishing the buy’s criteria: time frame, audience, markets, budget, and measurable outcomes.
  • Making and managing the buy using best practices.
  • Conducting analysis for continual improvement.

Just because a media buyer has worked with companies in an industry doesn’t mean that it will be successful on your behalf. It’s the combination of experience and process that produces the best outcomes.

3. We are experts at targeting your ideal customer.

A media buying agency that works in only one industry may make assumptions about who your consumers are based on past experience. That’s a concern because companies within the same industry often appeal to vastly different audiences.

As a cross-industry buyer, we use a step-by-step process to find your audience with media research. Our understanding of your business informs the process, but it doesn’t limit the possibilities we consider. Instead, we combine:

  • Knowledge of media and publications.
  • Research services.
  • Data analytics.

Then, we use these insights to choose publications and outlets that are most likely to capture the right audience.

4. We understand how to buy media regardless of the industry.

The following may be the least surprising fact you will read all day: your media buyer should be effective in buying media. Whether it’s co-op advertising, television media buying, or digital advertising, the company you select should be an expert in the function—even if this means limited experience in your industry at the beginning of the engagement.

An effective provider:

  • Connects with publishers, networks, and potential advertising partners about the buy.
  • Evaluates responses and determines the best match for your campaign.
  • Establishes which placements, sizes, and schedule will help to achieve your goals.
  • Negotiates on your behalf to reduce costs and increase value ad.
  • Manages creative, trafficking, tracking, and insights,

These media buying skills transcend industry. In the best case, they can also help your business become transcendent in its revenue goals.

Learn more about Capitol Media Solutions’ cross-industry experience. Get in touch with our media buying company.

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