Email + Social Media= More Leads

Social media is not an email killer.

There we said it. This misconception that increased popularity of social media comes at the expense of email is simply not true. It’s true, that social media has changed the way we communicate and in some instances market products. But there is still a large population of people who are not on Facebook and that don’t tweet. There are companies that have social media sites blocked on office computers. Inversely, there are people who live on social media and never check their emails. What’s a marketer to do? It’s simple, integrate. Use both. Use them together. Use them often.  Cross-promote to expand your marketing reach. Here’s how you can do it:

Email to Social Media: Incorporate your social media sites into your email marketing campaign and eBlasts. Add links and social media icons within the email. Provide additional content beyond the email that will make users want to visit the site. Promote your social media contests or sweepstakes in your email marketing campaigns. We can’t stress enough the importance of targeting and segmenting your email campaigns.  Make your emails relevant to the audience. Don’t speak in email the way you would speak on social media. Social media tends to be less formal.

Social Media to Email: Consider creating a custom tab on your Facebook page that allows visitors to sign up for your email. Unfortunately only about 10% of brands do this, so sadly it is a wasted opportunity for the others who don’t. You should also do this on your company blog. Offering something valuable to the user in exchange for their like: coupons, access to content, exclusive or advanced notifications of company events and promotions tend to work best. Tease upcoming email content on your social site.  Social media is also huge amongst younger demographics so if you are looking to attract younger users social media to your email list social media is a good place to find them.


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