First Screen, Second Screen, We all Screen!

Trivia time: If you had to guess which mobile device is most popular for watching and interacting with entertainment content is it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet?


Smartphones, as it turns out lead the pack, but not by much. A recent mobile ad study found that all three mobile devices score very closely when it comes to preferred digital device usage. This phenomenon has been coined by marketers as screen or device agnosticism, users are becoming less loyal to a particular device for media consumption. What the study tells marketers is that your marketing has to be agnostic as well. Minimally, your digital advertising has to be optimized to reach users effectively on whatever screen they are looking. The one-size-fit all approach won’t work anymore. This can be daunting when considering a customer browsing on a desktop or mobile device will perhaps overlook an ad if it is too small. Inversely, a too large ad can take up valuable real estate within the small confines of a smartphone or tablet screen.

Minimally, ensure your site and the landing page it points to is optimized for all types of mobile. More broadly understand how mobile users behave and tailor advertising accordingly. For example:

  • Traditionally, users take action faster and more often when searching from a smartphone. (70% act within an hour.) Make it easy with features like click-to-call.
  • Research shows tablet users spend more and abandon shopping carts less than laptop or desktop shoppers.
  • As “showrooming” becomes more popular mobile device users can easily research prices on products prior to and from within the store.
  • Mobile allows video across all three devices and brand recall for pre-roll ad is 3.5 times higher than banner ad brand recall.

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