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It’s not just athletes bringing their A-game on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Big Game is also the one time of year when brands bring their best advertising for an ultimate showdown.  So few of us could have expected on a night complete with tons of memorable commercials it would be one tiny tweet that would steal the show.   During the 2013 game the arena experienced a blackout, delaying it for more than 30 minutes.  Seizing the opportunity, the social media team at Oreo sent out a humorous tweet referencing the blackout while promoting their cookies.  It was a touchdown for the cookie giant. The Twittersphere went wild.  Oreo’s tweet went viral and generated more than 10,000 retweets of the update.  Advertising blogs and trade publications talked about it for days, many saying that it was the most effective and memorable advertising of the night.  The beauty of Oreo’s blackout tweet and the large response it received was that on a night where 30-second ads were selling for nearly $4 million a pop (that’s not including ad production costs); Oreo basically did it for free through real time marketing.

The Oreo case study demonstrates one way to implement real time marketing in your social media strategy.  Because social media updates post immediately, they offer users the ability to comment on topics as they happen.  Marketers can use trending topics or cultural events to inject their brand into larger conversations that are already taking place on social media.  A fun example was Arby’s tweet about the very large hat music producer Pharrell Williams wore to the Grammy’s.  The key to pulling this off is to find an authentic, creative way to link your brand to the topic without selling too much or being overly promotional.  In the Arby’s example, their logo happens to be a large hat so the tweet was fitting. Twitter updates trending topics constantly on their page and sites like  can help you track trending topics.  Pop culture events also trend largely on social media.

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