Mall Advertising: Buy Early and Secure your Spot

Your local mall is a one-stop shopping, dining and hot pretzel extravaganza.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for lots of affordable, effective advertising opportunities in a place where consumers are already looking to buy.  Out-of-home is traditionally the least expensive traditional media option and offers the benefit of uninterrupted advertising.  Malls of every size exist in most markets, more than 49,000 across the US.  If you are considering mall advertising during the holidays, buy early because they tend to sell out due to high demand.  Here are some mall advertising options to consider:

  • Food Court: Tabletops are more than just a comfy place to eat your hot pretzel, they can be a sweet spot for showing off your product. Forty-five percent of mall shoppers make a food court purchase, according to Clear Channel Malls. Consider table tents or table clings here.
  • Elevators, Escalators, and Stair Advertising: Elevator and escalator wraps are a creative way to reach customers on the way up and wow them on the way down. Inside the elevator, digital video screens can feature short commercials.
  • Experiential: Experiential advertising offers inviting and non-intrusive ways to attract consumers. Try mini-makeovers to promote a beauty line or a fashion show for an apparel brand.  Give shoppers an opportunity to experience your brand in a fun way.
  • Event Sponsorships: Can you say Santa at the Mall? Or photos with the Easter Bunny?  Attach your name with these and other popular mall events to maximize your product exposure.
  • Kiosks and Lighted Displays: Big, bright, and hard to miss. These digital and hi-def options are high impact and really attract attention throughout many locations in the mall
  • Banners: Large posters that hang throughout the mall including walkways and the food court

The time is now to secure these awesome marketing opportunities before the start of the holiday season.  If it makes sense for your brand, go for it and get ready to rake in the revenue!

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