Mix Some Social Media into Your Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising and Social Media, the two seem an unlikely pair; but together they can make for a powerful advertising force.  A study by CBS Outdoor International of six European countries found consumers are more likely to buy something online, “Like” a brand on Facebook or download an app after seeing an outdoor ad vs. TV, radio, or print.  This is certainly a result of mobile device penetration and popularity.  Outdoor has always been the medium to catch people on the go, and now so is mobile.  Social media use primarily occurs on mobile devices so campaigns that can integrate the two can drive the impact of both mediums.  You can increase likes and followers while creating longer, more meaningful interaction with your outdoor piece.

Here are a few ways to integrate social media into your outdoor ad:

Digital Billboards: These can be updated in real time and as often as you like.  Post short-term deals or promotions.  Link your Twitter feed to your digital billboard and comment on current events. Post product photos from your Instagram or Pinterest page.  Post a short ad from your YouTube page. You can even thank your fans by posting their photo.

Static Billboards and Wallscapes: Consider these for longer promotions or just to promote your social media profile in general.  Solicit comments from users and have them post to your site.  Display a Twitter hashtag or handle for users to follow or include in their tweets.

Bus Shelters and Park Benches:  These are closer to the ground so users can interact more closely.  Consider utilizing mobile technologies like Bluetooth or Near Field Communication to make data exchange easier.  Use a QR code that can be snapped by the camera on their mobile device or a QR reader to take them directly to you company’s social media profile site.

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