Myth Busters: Social Media Advertising Edition

These days nearly every social network has some kind of advertising platform.  Instagram and Pinterest have added features with Google+ soon to follow.  The great thing about social media advertising is that it can be segmented by user.  Historically social media ads targeted younger users, but this is less the case nowadays.  Depending on the platform and your product, older demographics in social media can still be profitable.  Certainly there are some social networks that are better suited for reaching younger audiences, particularly newer networks like Snapchat.  Similarly, Pinterest is great for targeting women. However, the simple implementation of behavioral targeting and demographic analysis are vital to building your social media strategy.

  • MYTH: Social media is just for young people
  • FACT: While the 18-29 users are the largest number of users, older demographics are the fastest growing. Facebook users over 35, for example, account for more than 65% of users.  Also, sites like LinkedIn attract a primarily over 30 user.


  • MYTH: No one uses Google+, so why advertise there?
  • FACT: Currently the site is ad-free, but they’ve already hinted at an advertising rollout in the future. Google+ can be a great advertising investment when you consider that it is now the 2nd most popular search engine behind Facebook.  It also boasts the highest concentration of male users than any of the other top social networks.


Until next week, it’s a fact that we’re still available 24/7 on our social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  Stop by!

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