No Marketing like Snow Marketing

Outdoor Advertising in Winter

This is certainly not a secret to most, but we are well into the cold weather season. Some of us are knee-deep in snow and ice (literally in some cities), so conventional wisdom might lead a marketer to believe outdoor media buying should be avoided during winter months.  We beg to differ however.  It may seem we are spending less time outdoors and to an extent this is true. We certainly spend less recreational time outdoors in the colder months, but most of us still have to travel to work, grocery shop, buy gas, etc. There are certainly still plenty of opportunities to reach people outdoors, but  like all media planning, media strategy is essential here. There are a few additional considerations to make when planning or making a media buy during the winter months, here are a few suggestions:

  • Consider the market: Are winters mild or extreme in the market you are geo-targeting? Let this be your guide in determining the practicality of choosing park bench ads over wallscapes or street teams over digital signage. All of these can work in winter in the right climate.
  • Light it up: If you decide to advertise on billboards, opt for illuminated or digital ones. These are easier to read at night and this is essential during winter months where the sun sets earlier.
  • Provide value: Give passersby something they can use. Buy ad space on road signage or on digital billboards providing the time or temperature. People will be looking at these signs anyway; your company logo and information should be there when they see it.
  • Get to the point: Outdoor advertising is never been the place for longwinded copywriting. Outdoor ads need to be concise. Your concept should be easy to understand quickly so your message is not missed on a person rushing by. Keep it simple with these tips.


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