No One-Size-Fits-All for Mobile & Desktop Ads

No One-Size-Fits-All for Mobile & Desktop Ads

A recently published stat found that more people own smartphones than toothbrushes.  Cell phone penetration among American adults is 90%, making mobile marketing vital to advertisers.  But it’s important to remember the one-size-fits all approach to mobile and desktop ads won’t work. Consumers engage with their desktops and mobile devices differently.  For example, desktops are more suitable for long perusing sessions while Mobile devices tend to function better for shorter sessions.  Here are some other considerations for crafting your mobile media strategy:

Functionality: The dual computer/phone functionality of a smartphone enables features like click-to-call technology.  This allows users to click a link on a site or in a search result and instantly call the location’s phone or even get turn by turn directions to the location.  Craft your mobile sites to utilize these features.

Screen Size: While smartphone screens are getting larger, they are still considerably smaller than a desktop monitor.  Opt for mobile ads with less text.  They will be easier to read on smaller screens.  If you haven’t already, consider a responsive web design that adapts to the screen size.

Purchasing Stage: Over half of mobile searches lead to a purchase.  Mobile users are more action-oriented.  Desktops are more often used early in the sales cycle for research and comparison.  Mobile users have typically made a decision and are ready to take action.  Call to actions should be more immediate for mobile ads, while desktop ads can factor in later additional outreach like a retargeting campaign.

Search behavior:  Mobile users search locally more often, so when buying keywords include location information.  This can certainly be applied to desktop ads as well, but is less vital.

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