Outdoor Ads: Think Seven and Get a Second Look

Here’s a challenge, describe your brand in seven words or less.  Can you do it?  How about this, if you could choose one image to describe your brand what would it be?  In seven seconds could you describe your brand in such a way that we not only understand, but remember it?  These are pretty tough challenges, but it’s what outdoor advertising creatives and copywriters are tasked with every day.  The conventional industry wisdom and generally regarded best practice for effective billboards and wallscapes is that it should contain no more than seven words.  It gets even more daunting when you consider that research shows a person viewing your outdoor ad will likely only be doing it for approximately seven seconds as they are driving or walking by it.  You’ve succeeded in creating a powerful billboard, wallscape, or print ad when you can get the viewer to stop and take a second look.

So here are our seven tips for outdoor ads that attract attention:

  1. Small Copy: Don’t be text heavy. Keep copy to seven words or less.
  2. Large Text: Words should be large and easy to read. Opt against serif typefaces which can be hard to read from far away. QR codes are also a bad idea for a billboard.
  3. Get to the Point: Billboards are not the place to be artsy and abstract. Commuters won’t have time to interpret your piece. They look and keep it moving.
  4. Advertise in real time: Try a digital billboard where messages can be customized at your whim.
  5. Incorporate the environment: Personalize it by referencing the location where the billboard will be seen.
  6. One simple call to action: What do you want me to do after I see this ad? Make it clear.
  7. Show some personality: Creatively tell us who you are and what you do.

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