Articles, appearances, and press releases are all public relations vehicles for promoting your brand, product or service.  Landing a feature article or getting quoted on a website or publication are good ways to garner free advertising and promotion for your product.

How to Do It: If budget allows, we certainly suggest employing a publicist to pitch stories about your company to the media.  A seasoned publicist has connections to media outlets and influencers.  They also know how to get you in front of the people who will get you in front of the world.

If your company is one that is constantly making the news or introducing new products, it may be worth having an in-house publicist or hire a PR firm.  At the very least, consider bringing on a media strategist that can determine where the best places are to promote your product and service.  If you don’t have room in the budget or you are only occasionally breaking news about your brand, we suggest you utilize your social media, blog, and some really good SEO to get your brand noticed.

How It Benefits Clients: The more exposure people have to your brand and the more people are seen talking about it or using it, the more familiar they get with your brand.  This can ultimately generate word-of-mouth business thus increasing your bottom line.

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