Reach Prospects with Can’t Miss Advertising

Much to the chagrin of us marketing folks, prospective customers have found multiple ways to bypass our advertising.  DVRs make it easy to skip through TV commercials.  Radio ads can be turned off with the touch of the scan or preset button.  Even digital ads can be disabled with pop-up blockers.  This perhaps is what makes outdoor advertising such an attractive option.  Outdoor ads get noticed.  They’re big and hard to miss.  Outdoor advertising is a 24 hour, 7-day a week promotion that can’t be turned off or skipped with a DVR.  A recent Arbitron report found that 3 out of 4 Americans noticed a billboard on transit or street level advertising.  Once you’ve got the eyeballs, you have to know how to maximize the advertising opportunity by backing it up with a media strategy.  Here are some things to consider when planning your outdoor advertising campaign:

  • Be intentional: Have a goal for your campaign. Billboards work best for building brand awareness due to the short interaction people have with the ads.  Showcase your brand.
  • Be brief: People are moving when they see your ad (84% say they’ve noticed a billboard while riding in or driving a vehicle). It has to convey a message quickly and concisely.  Experts recommend a maximum word count of 6-8 words for your billboard.
  • Be compelling: Billboards are a fantastic canvas for memorable, high-impact campaigns.
  • Be there: If promoting a physical location, try to advertise close to that location.  If not, opt for ads in areas heavily-trafficked by your target demo (i.e. college campus, tourist areas, etc).
  • Be everywhere: If budget allows, consider multiple placements. This offers more exposure for your message, usually at a discounted rate.
  • Be supportive: Your billboards should work in conjunction with your other advertising efforts.
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