Real Time Advertising with Digital Billboards

When law enforcement officials need to alert the community of a child abduction quickly, they rely on digital billboards among their delivery methods.   In sensitive situations like these, the most current information must be relayed to as many people as possible, as soon as possible. Urgent awareness and quick response can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. Officials found digital billboards to be optimal in these instances, because they can be update frequently, remotely and within minutes of receiving the initial notification and have a considerable reach. It’s also extremely effective. The Amber Alert system boasts a 90 percent recovery rate and has aided in rescuing more than 495 children nationwide.

Promotion of our company products and services don’t rise to the level of saving a child, but when considering  broadcast mediums for our brand messaging the same factors are important.  Digital billboards are a product that has consistently shown it to be valuable in reaching mass audiences in real time.  The real time updating capabilities provide marketers a unique opportunity to change their message as often as they want during the time they are leasing the space. This could mean a brand new ad message every hour, day, or week. Marketers can even react to current events in their messaging. Scroll your company Twitter feed, do a one-day only sale and promotions, showcase new or loyal customers, perhaps. Digital billboards differ from their static billboard brothers, because they project a rotating series of advertisements rather than just one. Typically ads appear in a rotation with other ads for about 4-10 seconds  each.  A common concern in the use of digital billboards is the safety and risk of distracting drivers. Though a valid concern, there has state and federal research on the subject have found no evidence to link digital billboards and increased traffic accidents.

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