5 SEO Traffic Killers

SEO No-No’s

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when we couldn’t just Google something when we needed information. In a short amount of time, search engines have become fully integrated into our lives. An overwhelming 93% of online traffic comes from a search engine. For consumers, search engines have become are priceless fount of information for research and comparison shopping. For marketers, it provides an effective outlet to reach customers affordably. There can, however, be a degree of complexity that comes with creating effective search marketing. Between Google’s seemingly constant algorithm changes there is no consistent formula to rely on.



There are, however, a few rules of thumb that tend to stay pretty constant:

1. Speed it Up

If your website loads slow you are severely impacting your search rankings. Sites with faster load times will be ranked higher than your site.

2. Don’t Be Too Clever or Cute

For SEO purposes, steer away from super creative titles unless it in describes the content for readers. Search engines are pretty advanced, but so far they can’t decipher wit and sarcasm. They understand literal meanings and index your content that way.

3. No Content Strategy

 Your website is just the start, it needs to be supported with a blog and social media that people visit on a regular basis and share with others.

4. Being too “Flash”-y

Flash websites may, in some cases, look really cool but designing a whole site in flash does nothing for your SEO. Flash files block content and search engines can’t read it. Use it sparingly.

5. Stop Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing that is. Resist the temptation to adding a lot of unnecessary or unrelated keywords to areas of your site with the expectation it will drive traffic. It won’t.



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