Social Media Is Like A Holiday Party

Social media and holiday parties have quite a few things in common.  Both provide opportunities to connect with prospects or company outside the traditional setting.  Both are great ways to build relationships.  And both can make for some memorable (and embarrassing) situations if not handled with care (or with a little too much spiked egg nog).  Use these party tips as a guide for your next social media ad campaign.

  • Facebook is like the holiday party with friends. These are people you know and that “like” you. Feel free to be more loose and informal here.  Show customers another side of your company’s personality.  Go behind the scenes.  Put a human face on your brand.  Showcase customers.  Post photos from events you’ve participated in.  Get customers involved with games, contests, and open-ended questions. Most of all have fun.
  • LinkedIn is the office holiday party. These are your colleagues, so be professional. Don’t let it hang out too much.  Connect via common professional interests.  Share your industry expertise and learn from others.  It’s also a great way to leverage relationships you have and build others.  Maximize past relationships and use their connections to find partnerships and prospects.
  • Twitter is the professional organization mixer. It’s a great way to mingle with people you respect and like, even if you don’t know them. If you’re shy it’s just as fascinating to eavesdrop on conversations and soak in the information and gossip around you.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are like holiday parades. A fun way to spend a couple of hours, it’s a wonderful source of beautiful visuals. Watch and get inspiration or participate and share your own work. Pinterest’s new business pages offer advertising opportunities for brands that lend well to photography.
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