Supersize Your Advertising this Saturday

Most of us know Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, but can you guess what the second busiest shopping day is? If you guessed Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas, you are correct. Super Saturday has become a win-win for shoppers and retailers alike. Reportedly one-third of all holiday shopping occurs during the week before Christmas. And why not? Shoppers often get deep discounts and retailers get heavy foot traffic, the opportunity to get rid of holiday merchandise, and lots of sales. Work this frenzy to your advantage! The natural thought would be malls and shopping centers for advertising, since they will be heavily concentrated with consumers ready to spend. How about buying some radio time for Super Saturday advertising? Shoppers have to commute to shopping centers, so catch them on their way there. Or mobile ads? At this point in the season, it’s usually too late to order items online but shoppers will still be using their mobile devices to compare prices, search for store locations, and look for discounts.

Speaking of mobile…

Another “mobile” advertising alternative for Super Saturday advertising is transit. The weekend before Christmas is also an excellent time to catch holiday travelers. With airlines now charging fees for baggage some shoppers opt not to travel with their gifts. They instead wait until they land in their destination to do their shopping. For these consumers, strategically placed advertising in airports, train and bus stations can inspire and provide them with holiday shopping ideas. Baggage carousels, floor exhibits, digital signage and even the trays in the security line where boarders place their shoes are among the advertising options available. Placement ideas can be inside the airport in places like baggage areas, the concession stands or actually on the plane. Many airlines also have their own magazines where product and service ads can be placed. The key is placing holiday ads in highly-trafficked areas to maximize exposure and making them aesthetically pleasing to maximize impact.


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