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Political Media Buying

Capitol Media Solutions leverages its broad expertise to help your campaign make the right impact on voters.

Sway Opinion. Swing Voters.

Capitol Media Solutions supports local, regional, and national campaigns with political media buying. Our strategic approach, expertise in media research and years of experience in media buying connect your cause or candidate with the right audience.

With our headquarters based in Atlanta and offices in Washington, DC, we are well positioned to serve campaigns throughout the Southeast and at the national level. Clients appreciate our range of work in traditional and digital media buying, allowing them to share their message in ways that stand out and to engages voters.

Our Approach to Political Media Buying

Capitol Media Solutions often recommends mass market promotion as part of political media buying campaigns as many clients want to reach the widest audience possible. To increase the effectiveness of the buy:

  • We filter audiences based on very specific criteria, such as demographics and geographic areas that are in play for campaigns.
  • CMS chooses media for specific ad creative. Certain groups within your audience may be more likely to watch broadcast television over cable, and messages should align with their particular interests.
  • Our TV media buying takes into consideration the way people watch now. We adjust your promotions for time-shifting and location-roaming viewing habits.
  • We recommend outdoor media buying opportunities in the markets and locations that can earn impressions and make an impact.
  • CMS guides radio media buying based on the programming and dayparts research suggests will influence voters.
  • We advise your campaign about the value that digital media buying can provide. From social media marketing to mobile to display advertising, we will recommend whether digital can deliver your audience.

In every aspect of our relationship, we coordinate with your team so that our tactics leverage the work of the campaign. Our collaborative and thoughtful approach allows you to focus on your candidate or cause as we manage your media.

Contact CMS today to learn about the value we offer with political media buying.