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Media Campaign Analysis

Capitol Media Solutions optimizes campaigns on a continual basis for a higher return-on-investment.

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Measuring Up

Capitol Media Solutions’ reporting and analysis connects the results of our work to the impact on your business. We regularly deliver more than the original media plan estimates for less than the budgeted cost, and as a client, you will find our approach illuminating, clear, transparent, and action-oriented.

See how we incorporate tracking and measurement into each aspect of your campaign.

Traditional Media Buying

We tag print, TV, and radio ads with a strong call to action aligned with goals and KPIs, such as a promotion, a unique URL, or a 1-800 number. We also monitor organic search and website performance for a related increase in traffic.

Digital Media Buying

Capitol Media Solutions tracks metrics by placement and campaign through our in-house reporting software. With media campaign analysis, we can evaluate impressions, clicks, spend, conversions, leads, social actions, acquisition, expense, and revenue. We can also provide data on view-through conversions (when a user sees the advertisement, returns to your site through another channel, and converts.)


Our process allows us to evaluate the performance of your buy and identify areas of improvement. In digital, for example, we can advise your company on whether static advertising or rich media are more effective and recommend changes to the creative.

Our Methodology for Media Campaign Analysis

Reporting can take place in a format and at a frequency that suits your needs, including dashboards, discussions, and presentations. Media campaign analysis may include:

  • A complete overview of placements by media, type, and timing.
  • Impressions, clicks, and other actions that digital media placements drive.
  • Gross rating points (GRPs) and other indicators of TV, outdoor, and radio buys.
  • Comparisons of how our media planning stacks up against your results.
  • The efficiency of the buy and your company’s cost savings.
  • An evaluation of performance, audience insights, and options for improvement.

Capitol Media Solutions is able to provide this level of detail in reporting because of our commitment to transparency and our investment in tracking tools, such as DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM), Encore, and Adobe Audience Manager. On request, we can also integrate our reporting with your team’s internal systems for clearer insights into your buy.

Learn about AdBoom Advertising, our media sales business, or get in touch with CMS about media campaign analysis.