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Media Planning

Capitol Media Solutions turns strategy into action with plans that drive results across media, markets, and audiences.

Plan and Deliver

We create media plans based on our collaborative work with your business, our research, and our years of experience in a variety of industries.

After our media strategy establishes the markets, budget, timeframe, and other criteria for your campaign, we determine the specific tactics that will carry out this strategy. With your plan, you’ll have complete clarity about our intended approach and confidence in its success.

Media Planning For Your Business

Capitol Media Solutions’ plan presents you with:

Placement and Creative Recommendations.

We review which placements we will make, the timing for insertions, and the format and size of ad creative.

Added Value.

Our media planning covers placements and promotional opportunities beyond the formal buy, including those we negotiate for no additional cost that give you opportunities to receive additional exposure.

Estimated Outcomes.

CMS shares the impressions, cost, and relevant metrics you can expect from the campaign. Our media campaign analysis compares these estimates to outcomes to improve performance.

“Why” Matters as Much as “What”

Our approach to media planning goes beyond recommendations and into rationale. We explain why we advise a display advertising campaign over print media, why flights should coincide with or avoid a competitor’s messaging, and why search engine marketing or social media advertising should be part of your approach.

Capitol Media Solutions’ team includes traditional and digital media buying experts who will work closely with your business at every stage of the campaign. Clients choose us for many reasons, but our collaborative, thoughtful, and clear approach is one of the most important.

Explore our media research process, or contact CMS about media planning.