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Media Research

Understand your audience and opportunities better than ever for the most effective ad spend.

 Media Research

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Incredible Insight with Media Research

Capitol Media Solutions combines strategy with in-depth analysis of audiences, markets, and media. The research we conduct guides our recommendations for your campaign, and it ensures that your buy is extremely targeted.

CMS’ media research goes beyond searching for a broad audience and the lowest price. We take the time to learn which media is most likely to engage, find hidden value in placement opportunities, and evaluate factors beyond what a database can tell, such as competitive and industry trends.

Media Research Resources

Capitol Media Solutions supports your buy with best-in-class research tools. From GfK MRI to comScore, Nielsen to Kantar, and Scarborough to Google, our investment in intelligence gives you access to:

Consumer Research

into behavior, demographics, media, and platforms.

Competitive Analysis

to know where and how competitors spend their ad dollars.

Program Information

for radio media buying and television media buying.


in over 200 countries for outdoor and print media buying.

Digital Media Research

into audiences and cross-media, cross-platform opportunities.

Cost Forecasting

to estimate your spend based on your objectives.

Making Sense of Limitless Data

Collecting information is an essential part of the media strategy, but companies choose Capitol Media Solutions for its ability to synthesize this data into something valuable.

We apply our experience and expertise to interpret data and to make recommendations for your buy. By establishing our advice based on the best information sources available, we help your business make the most of its ad dollars, outmaneuver your competition, and make a real impact on your audience.