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Media Strategy

Focus on what matters. By basing our recommendations on an effective media strategy, every step in the advertising process leads towards your objectives.

Tactics Follow Strategy

It’s a formula that’s helped the average Capitol Media Solutions client double its conversion rate while saving nearly 35% in costs per media buy.

The media strategy for a regional B2C company may be different than the approach for a nationwide B2B organization. That’s why we take the time to learn your business, understand what you want to achieve, and ensure that the media planning that follows will lead you there.

savings per media buy

The Blueprint of Your Media Strategy

Based on our research, Capitol Media Solutions establishes:


We’ll create a pathway to success, whether you want to grow awareness, increase revenue, take on new markets, or outdistance the competition.


CMS identifies the groups your organization should target, refining them to the most relevant audience possible to drive conversion and decrease expense.


We consider demographics, media consumption, behavior, influencers, and other factors in guiding your traditional media buying and digital media buying.


Capitol Media Solutions recommends the locations to target and prioritizes them based on your objectives.


We advise you about the time frames during which your media should run to engage your audience effectively.


Whether you start with a budget or with specific goals, CMS can build an ROI-driven media strategy based on your needs and resources.

Media Strategy Consultants. Not Order Takers

An effective media agency does more than just buy media. It makes recommendations based on its experience, and it proactively adjusts campaigns to meet changing circumstances and opportunities.

Capitol Media Solutions’ approach allows us to consider each decision based on whether it is in line with your strategy. As a result, you can have confidence in the success of our work and in the media plan we create.