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About the client

CORT is a national leader in transition services, including furniture rental for home and office, event furnishing, apartment locating, and other services. It has over 100 locations across the United States and partners in more than 80 countries around the world.

The company chose Capitol Media Solutions to take over its existing media plan and then to develop a new plan for its major divisions.

Goals and challenges

CORT wanted to base its media buy on a research-backed strategy, but it hadn’t benefitted from this approach with its previous media buying agency. Instead, CORT had to be responsible for evaluating its advertising options, and the agency had simply been executing the buy.

CORT also wanted to be able to move its advertising spend to sources that yielded the best results. It felt that its previous agency had not adequately analyzed and optimized campaigns, and the ad spend was locked into extended terms. This meant CORT could not adjust its investments as needed.

Lastly, the company wanted to improve targeting and placements. CORT was not seeing the impact it needed to make with purchase influencers and print media. It was ready for a change in tactics.

CMS’ strategy

As part of the project, Capitol Media Solutions:

  • Established a media plan based on extensive discussions with CORT’s team, detailed research, and regular client meetings.
  • Negotiated media buys that offered shorter commitments and cancelation options.
  • Developed a fresh approach to placements. Among other actions, CMS shifted media away from influencers and increased the reach and frequency of print.
  • Provided recommendations to improve performance over time. Capitol Media Solutions integrated directly with CORT’s systems to make reporting easier to understand.


To date, Capitol Media Solutions has launched digital, print, radio, and television advertisements for CORT. The campaign has delivered over 8.5 million impressions, digital click-through rates as high as .47%, and nearly 17,000 website visits.

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