Identifying just-in-time advertising opportunities

Industry: Construction
Solution: Traditional Media Buying

About the client

GAF roofing products protect more homes and businesses in the United States than any other solution. The company has approximately $3 billion in annual sales, manages more than 50 brands, and offers a training program for industry professionals.

GAF wanted to provide roofing technicians and contractors with information about its product lines. However, it needed help targeting the platforms and ad slots that would help drive sales. The company selected Capitol Media Solutions to manage its campaign.

Goals and challenges

Despite GAF’s role as a leader in the industry, it wanted to continue promoting brand awareness among its audiences. The company needed to reach out to roofing professionals as close as possible to when they would need GAF products.

One of the most effective times for connecting with roofers is before, during, and after a bad storm. This is the period when homeowners might experience damage to their roof and require repairs.

Typically, agencies assume certain static conditions with their media buying services. This allows them to buy spots in advance and at a cost-efficient price. Unpredictable weather patterns don’t easily allow for this approach.

CMS’ strategy

Capitol Media Solutions recognized that its strategy had to be flexible, timely, and tied to weather conditions.

Following its research, CMS determined that the campaign should focus on the nine-month period between March and November when bad weather was most common. Then, it identified TV media buying opportunities through the Weather Channel and AccuWeather.

Capitol Media Solutions arranged it so that GAF’s television ads would air shortly before, during, and soon after reports of dangerous weather. It set the budget to be spent over the nine-month period at a rate that followed inclement weather.


GAF reported success with in-store sales of its products at Home Depot and Lowes. Business continues to grow, and the company has seen significant value in the services that Capitol Media Solutions has provided.

Based on these outcomes, GAF has renewed its campaign with CMS for over five years. Each year, Capitol Media Solutions identifies new ways to optimize the buy and to increase its client’s reach.

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