Piedmont Healthcare

Buying media for large organizations with multiple lines of service

Industry: Healthcare
Solutions: Traditional Media Buying; Digital Media Buying

About the client

Piedmont Healthcare serves more than two million patients annually throughout the state of Georgia. A provider that has spent more than a century caring for the community, the organization represents an integrated healthcare system with 11 hospitals and nearly 100 physician and specialist offices.

Piedmont Healthcare selected Capitol Media Solutions to manage its campaigns following a rigorous RFP process. In this role, CMS handles media buying for all of the organization’s hospital locations, recruitment centers, physician offices, and business lines, such as breast cancer care and treatment for heart disease.

Goals and challenges

Piedmont Healthcare’s goals have varied depending on the campaign. The aims of media buys have ranged from driving sign-ups for heart health screenings to creating awareness about specific hospital locations.

Media planning presented several challenges for Piedmont Healthcare:

  • Because of the breadth of its needs, individual campaigns required different types of advertising. As a media buying agency, CMS had to apply its expertise in TV, print, digital, outdoor, and radio, among others.
  • Piedmont Healthcare had different professional teams covering its varied geographic markets and business lines. This created a complex hierarchy of overlapping responsibilities.
  • Media plans had to be altered quickly based on changing needs and resources. Piedmont Healthcare didn’t want to be obligated months ahead of time to a given buy. This required strong relationships and careful planning between CMS and its media vendors.

CMS’ strategy

Capitol Media Solutions has extensive experience working with organizations of varying sizes and complexity. A proactive, consultative, and collaborative approach defines its services, and it brought this culture to supportive relationship with Piedmont Healthcare.

Through its work, CMS established a system for coordinating the professional teams within Piedmont Healthcare. It spent time researching their needs, goals, and resources, and it defined broad-scale strategies for each.

Capitol Media Solutions also created an internal system to support a flexible media strategy. By planning for different contingencies, CMS could put vendors on stand-by for different types of buys and wait until necessary to confirm its approach.


The client’s strategists are able to contact CMS individually for guidance and coordination of their media efforts. The organization as a whole has benefited from CMS’ dynamic approach, which allows it to respond to opportunities as they arise. 

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