North Highland Consulting

Growing brand awareness for clients new to media buying

Industry: Professional Services
Solutions: Traditional Media Buying; Digital Media Buying

About the client

North Highland is a global management consulting firm with more than 5,000 consultants and 65 offices worldwide. The company supports businesses in a range of industries, from energy and utilities to financial services to media, entertainment, and communications. Its services transform customer experiences, help clients develop better talent, improve operations, and support clients in other ways that give them a competitive advantage.

North Highland chose Capitol Media Solutions as its first-ever media buying agency of record. The company had not previously conducted a large-scale media campaign, and it wanted a provider that could offer a collaborative and knowledgeable approach to the process.

Goals and challenges

At the time of its first media campaign, North Highland was a well-established consultancy. However, it had limited brand awareness among its target audiences, and it was less well-known than competing firms. North Highland planned to invest $2 million to change the competitive landscape.

CMS’ strategy

Capitol Media Solutions supported North Highland in several ways. It:

  • Led a six-month campaign targeting print, radio, and digital.
  • Chose media and placements that research suggested would connect with target audiences.
  • Managed media strategy and buying, negotiated media rates, and secured added value packages.
  • Conducted a brand lift survey through ComScore to demonstrate ROI.


By the conclusion of the media campaign, the brand lift survey showed that North Highland had increased its “unaided awareness” by an entire point: a significant jump. In addition to this success, Capitol Media Solutions over-delivered on the estimated reach and impressions it had planned, without increasing costs.

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