Pelican Products

Reaching target audiences more effectively without increasing budget

Industry: Consumer Products
Solutions: Traditional Media Buying; Digital Media Buying

About the client

Pelican Products is a leader in high-performance ruggedized products, including protective cases, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, and lighting systems. It serves multiple industries, from fire safety, law enforcement, and defense to aerospace, entertainment, and outdoor consumers. The company operates in 25 countries and has manufacturing facilities around the globe.

Goals and challenges

Pelican Products had been managing media buying in-house but needed a more strategic approach for all of the markets it served.

CMS’ strategy

To accomplish Pelican Products’ goals, Capitol Media Solutions:

  • Utilized comScore and SRDS data to narrow target audiences by function (HR, facility manager, etc.) and developed tactics for each.
  • Renegotiated for better placements to increase audience response.
  • Drove 20-30% higher conversion rates in digital. CMS kept the same budget but used more engaging ad units, such as synched ads and homepage takeovers.
  • Leveraged ad placements to secure 30% discount on conference exhibit and sponsorship opportunities.


Capitol Media Solutions achieved more effective media buys with its targeted and strategic approach. In digital, the agency decreased cost-per-click for Pelican Products by 23% year-over-year.

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