It’s the Zero Moment of Truth, Are You Prepared?

Would your clients and customers place you on the naughty or the nice list? It may sound simplistic but strategically speaking it’s an important marketing consideration. Are you monitoring your reputation online?  What are people saying about your company on Twitter, in blogs, on their websites? As marketers you know how important brand perception is […]

For Consumers Who Convert 90% of the Time, Go Mobile

Still wondering if mobile is the right call for your brand?  These facts might be an incentive to give it a try. A Google report found that 94% of smartphone users use their phones to look up information. Of those, 90% will take some kind of action. 70% will act within an hour. They will […]

First-Party vs. Third-Party Cookies 101

Has this happened to you? You search online for an item or website and then all of a sudden once you leave the site you begin seeing ads for that item all over the place.  It’s like the item is following you throughout cyberspace or someone read your mind and knows you were just looking […]

What Are You Looking At?

No really where does your eye go first when you look at a magazine or newspaper ad?  Ad positioning and placement are too often overlooked in the name of saving a few bucks.  The truth is you can have brilliant copy and masterpiece creative, but if the ad is placed where no one is looking […]

Display Ads (Part II): Are They Still A Good Investment?

Digital Ad Placement, Positioning, and Size There are still ways to increase the likelihood your display ad gets seen.  Ad size and placement can have a big impact on whether or not your ads get seen.  Experts recommend buying vertical ads online, for longer view time.  Also, for desktop advertising, ads placed lower on the […]

Display Ads (Part I): Are They Still A Good Investment?

A study by ComScore recently revealed that nearly half of all online display ads are never being seen.  A separate study by Google and DoubleClick found figures closer to 60% of display ads.  When you combine this data with click-through rates for banner ads which appear to be less and less substantial, marketers might be […]

Outdoor Ads: Think Seven and Get a Second Look

Here’s a challenge, describe your brand in seven words or less.  Can you do it?  How about this, if you could choose one image to describe your brand what would it be?  In seven seconds could you describe your brand in such a way that we not only understand, but remember it?  These are pretty […]

Barter Marketing

Since the beginning of time people exchanged goods and services in lieu or using money.  In fact, 65% of corporations listed on the New York Stock exchange and nearly one-third of small business use bartering for their business in some capacity. How to Do It:   Barter marketing or corporate trade companies can work alongside a […]

Going Local: Politics Still Profitable in Print

When several big city newspapers announced they would cease daily publication in favor of a three-day a week model it seemed the nail had finally been put in the print advertising coffin. Newspapers and magazines, formerly highly profitable advertising mediums, were losing share as an avenue worth investing marketing dollars. However the reports of print […]

Value Add 101

One way to think of value add is that it’s an added bonus on top of what you’ve already paid for and expected to receive. This can come in a quite  a few  different ways: additional TV or radio spots, extra web or print placements, sponsorship opportunities, guest appearances and more. How to Do It: […]