PR 101

Articles, appearances, and press releases are all public relations vehicles for promoting your brand, product or service.  Landing a feature article or getting quoted on a website or publication are good ways to garner free advertising and promotion for your product. How to Do It: If budget allows, we certainly suggest employing a publicist to […]

Get Real…Real Time Marketing

It’s not just athletes bringing their A-game on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Big Game is also the one time of year when brands bring their best advertising for an ultimate showdown.  So few of us could have expected on a night complete with tons of memorable commercials it would be one tiny tweet that would […]

What Your Campaign May Be Missing

You’ve identified your target audience.  Your message has been worked, reworked, and worked again.  The creative is perfect.  You know exactly what media channels are effectively communicating your brand and which ones are intercepting your consumer at the point of decision.  The campaign has been launched.  Now what?  Did it work?  Are you positive?  Many […]

Does Twitter effect TV Ratings?

Some do it while watching “Game of Thrones.” Others do it while watching “Real Housewives.” More than 80% of smartphone and tablet users surveyed admitted to using their mobile device while watching TV at least “several times a month.” Television watching has become a multiscreen experience.   Nielsen research has shown that increasingly television viewers tweet […]

Impact of Impulse: Point-of-Purchase Strategy Tips

When was the last time you went to a store for one or two things and left with a cart of completely unplanned purchases?  You are not lacking self-control and you are certainly not alone.  A lot of planning by store owners and advertisers happens to elicit that reaction.  Additionally, research has found that nearly […]

Social Media Is Like A Holiday Party

Social media and holiday parties have quite a few things in common.  Both provide opportunities to connect with prospects or company outside the traditional setting.  Both are great ways to build relationships.  And both can make for some memorable (and embarrassing) situations if not handled with care (or with a little too much spiked egg […]

Give Thanks for Added-Value

‘Tis the season for a bit of bargain shopping.  Who doesn’t love getting a little something extra when they make a purchase?  Media buyers are no different.  When negotiating placements and rates for customers, it is also our responsibility to maximize the client’s budget.  In media planning, we call this providing Added Value, or Value […]

4 Resources that Make SEO Super Easy

Between backlinks and alt tags, metadata and H1s, search engine optimization can get pretty complicated.  Seriously, which update is Google on now the Penguin, the Panda, or the Hummingbird? And what’s the difference?  Who knows?  These days the success of your website, blog, microsite, landing page and general online presence starts with how easily you […]

Beware of Scary SEO Killers Hiding In Your Website

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Sure things may look normal, but lurking inside your website may be SEO killers destroying your search ranking and SEO efforts.  One of the difficult things about battling the Google monster is that it is huge and constantly changing its algorithm.  Google makes 500-600 minor changes to their algorithm throughout […]

Reach Prospects with Can’t Miss Advertising

Much to the chagrin of us marketing folks, prospective customers have found multiple ways to bypass our advertising.  DVRs make it easy to skip through TV commercials.  Radio ads can be turned off with the touch of the scan or preset button.  Even digital ads can be disabled with pop-up blockers.  This perhaps is what […]