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Barter Marketing

posted on March 29, 2017 / IN Advertising / Digital Advertising / Media Planning / 0 Comments

Since the beginning of time people exchanged goods and services in lieu or using money.  In fact, 65% of corporations listed on the New York Stock exchange and nearly one-third of small business use bartering for their business in some capacity. How to Do It:   Barter marketing or corporate trade companies can work alongside a media buying agency to find appropriate media placements and negotiate funding the placements without cash. Typically trade credits are used instead or in some cases, products or services are bartered. Brands can also broker deals with barter firms for their unwanted inventory and apply those payments to media …

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No One-Size-Fits-All for Mobile & Desktop Ads A recently published stat found that more people own smartphones than toothbrushes.  Cell phone penetration among American adults is 90%, making mobile marketing vital to advertisers.  But it’s important to remember the one-size-fits all approach to mobile and desktop ads won’t work. Consumers engage with their desktops and mobile devices differently.  For example, desktops are more suitable for long perusing sessions while Mobile devices tend to function better for shorter sessions.  Here are some other considerations for crafting your mobile media strategy: Functionality: The dual computer/phone functionality of a smartphone enables features like click-to-call technology.  …

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So now that you’ve decided to add a web marketing component to your upcoming campaign, the next question is whether to consider a microsite or landing page. Theoretically, both function in a similar capacity – as an extension of your website focused primarily on one particular campaign. Both have SEO benefits. But that’s where the similarities end. We have examples of both below. First, landing pages tend to just be one page geared around a call-to-action and is referred to the page from another source, like social media or an ad. The goal of a landing page is for something immediate to happen, either for you …