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How to get rich…rich media, that is

posted on May 24, 2017 / IN Digital Advertising / 0 Comments

As digital advertising evolves, so do the available channels advertisers now have to publicize their product or service digitally. On the most basic level there are three types of online ads: text, display, and rich media. Text ads are no frills, straight-to-the-point copy, with no images or multimedia. These are the ones we find mostly on search engine pages.  Display ads are slightly more advanced. They are usually static and include images and text that take you to a landing page or website destination. The most complex of the three are rich media ads.  Rich media ads have the same features of the other two types, but it also has streaming video and audio capabilities, animation and expandable ads.  Rich media ads are more interactive than the other two types.  Ads with a gaming component to them, floating ads, pop-ups are all examples of rich media ads.

Rich media advertising are an excellent digital advertising option, both aesthetically and analytically. This enhanced advertising experience is more creative and attracts attention.  Users are more immersed and thus have a higher recall of your product.  Research has also found that they drive more traffic to websites than regular banner ads. But keep in mind, rich media ads often contain multiple pieces that must all work together correctly to create a successful rich media ad. These ads are also considerably more costly than standard display ads, but they boost CTR and have higher conversion rates. Reports have found that rich media ads boast CTR rates more than 300% higher than regular display ads.  So it comes with an increased cost, but with a better ROI.  Measuring ad campaign metrics is also enhanced in rich media ads.  In addition to click through rates and impressions, there are metrics for time spent in the ad and for how many watched the video (if one is included).  These added metrics make analyzing your campaign impact event more intensive.

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